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Here are two solutions to unblock NHL outside the USA

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If you need to know why NHL isn`t available in your country and how to change that in no time – continue reading.

logo nhlNational Hockey League or NHL is an ice hockey league for professionals in the US and Canada. Ice hockey is very popular in these countries and hence NHL draws great attention. But, as happens with many different sports and events, NHL is not available for viewing everywhere in the world. On the contrary, there are geographical limitations that need to be overcome.

First of all, though, let’s have a look at the channels where you can watch NHL: This is the official site for NHL and there is an option for subscribing to their plan and watching NHL games. Although there is a lot of wealth of content available on, you should know that blackout rules apply here. This means that local providers may have the priority of broadcasting live several games, instead of you enjoying them live on this site.

NBC Sports: Another alternative that offers a free ride to some of the most thrilling NHL games is NBC and its Sports section. You can watch the games in high quality, assuming that you can access its content within the US.

Sportsnet: For Canada viewers, Sportsnet is a wonderful option for enjoying ice hockey!  Not all the games are available for viewing, as you can understand. But, on the bright side, there are quite a few games that will rock your world every week.

How to Unblock NHL outside the USA?

NHL is, as we have stated above, not available for viewing everywhere in the world. Even in places where you can watch the games (like US or Canada), there are restrictions that have to do with the blackouts. In order for you to stream NHL games all the time and not have to worry about the blackouts, you need to change your IP address. When a game is available live in Canada, you will need a Canadian IP and the same goes for US. Now, if you are wondering how you can change your IP, there are a few options to select from.

Use SmartDNS to watch NHL outside the US

SmartDNS is a method you can use for overcoming any restrictions from your region. You take advantage of a brand new set of codes for DNS and you alter them on your device. So, you instantly change your location. Read more about SmartDNS on our site. In the list below are some of the finest options in SmartDNS you can find online:

  • Countries: 16
  • Money Back Guarantee: 7 Days Free Trial + 14 Days
  • Countries: 14
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  • Money Back Guarantee: 7 Days

Another method is that of proxies. They are free to use and really easy. But, they are not a solution that lasts forever. Instead, you may need to change proxies from time to time.  HideMyAss VPN has got an up-to-date list of free proxies to use.

Use VPN to stream NHL abroad

And at the finish line, the best scenario if for you to choose a VPN! This will not only help you unblock and stream NHL outside US, Canada and everywhere in the world. In addition, it will allow you to encrypt all of your data.

So, every time you connect to the web, you are thoroughly secured. Of course, you can choose a different IP address at a time and therefore you can switch from a US to a Canadian IP and unblock all games from NHL.

If you are looking for the right VPN that meets your needs to the fullest and lets you stream restricted content without any hassle, you are in luck. Navigating through our detailed reviews of VPN service providers, you will see which of these options are best for you and your personalized requirements. If now you want to have a clear idea with a compact list, check out the list below with the 3 top VPNs that offer unblocking and streaming of NHL outside US and Canada:

Get it for free: If you are less than a month outside the United States, choose a VPN with 30 days money back guarantee like Express VPN. If you dont need the VPN after your trip abroad, just cancel it and get your money back.

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  • Company Location: Romania
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  • Company Location: Switzerland
  • IPs: 200.000+ IPs
  • Countries: 48
  • Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

On our site you find more information about how to unblock with VPN.


NHL was founded back in 1917 in Montreal of Canada. It is one of the most prominent organizations in ice hockey and this shows the love for this sport in both US and Canada. There are 30 teams competing in this league and from 2017 the number goes up to 31. Here is no exception and the vast majority of teams come from the US. The headquarters of NHL are located in New York.

The games stretch to a whole hour or 60 minutes. There is also overtime and of course the adrenaline boosting shootouts, if need be. The games are all held at a hockey rink, meeting the standards of the organization.
The teams compete to get the Stanley Cup and the Presidents’ Trophy. The first one is given to the team that wins the playoffs and the second one is for the team that finishes first in the regular season of the league.

Although most of the ice hockey players within the NHL come from the US and Canada, you will also see stars from every part of the world. This highlights the exquisite popularity of this sport and the prestige of the league!

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