Watch PGA Tour Golf outside US?

pga tour logoAre you a fan of golf? Do you enjoy watching long and thrilling golf matches in front of your TV or online? If so, PGA Tour is one of the best things for you to watch. But unfortunately there is no global coverage of all the matches.

This means that you have to settle for reading all about it on the Internet or unblocking some GEO-IP restricted sites and channels. Which would it be for you? Well, this was a rhetorical question and this is why in this article there are all the options of unblocking and streaming PGA Tour Golf outside US and everywhere in the world. But first, where is PGA Tour broadcasted?

Golf Channel: Golf Channel is one of your options, requiring a TV provider and offering you the chance to enjoy great quality streaming at all times.

PGA Tour: If you are a true fan, you will most likely know all about PGA Tour Live. This is a great way for getting updated on the news, as well as finding out whatever happens first and of course streaming golf Live!

CBS Sports: CBS Sports Live also broadcasts golf matches and this is an exceptional option for those true fans of CBS. Nothing but the highest quality!

Sky Sports: In the UK, you can stream PGA Tour Golf on Sky Sports. In this way, you can enjoy the games overseas and miss out on nothing important.

Global TV: Last option is Global TV. Available on desktop and notebook computers only, this can help you out with your yearning to enjoy golf (assuming that you meet their location requirements).

How to Unblock PGA Tour Golf?

As you can see, there are various different options for you to unblock and stream PGA Tour outside US and everywhere else in the world. Of course, most of them are only available for viewing within the US. Either way, you can still unblock the content of US based channels and anything else online. You simply need to change your IP. How can you do that? Read all about the three most commonly used methods for changing your IP address and unblocking geographically restricted content.

Use SmartDNS to stream PGA Tour Golf abroad

First of all, there is SmartDNS service for you to try out. This is a simple procedure that allows you to change the DNS settings of your device, gaining access to all sites and channels of your choice. In case you want to learn more about the best features in some of the most reliable SmartDNS service providers, you can read related content about SmartDNS on this website, or simply check out the 3 ones in this list below:

  • Countries: 16
  • Money Back Guarantee: 7 Days Free Trial + 14 Days
  • Countries: 14
  • Money Back Guarantee: 14 Days Free Trial + 30 Days
  • Company Location: Hong Kong
  • IPs: 80,000 IPs
  • Countries: 141
  • Money Back Guarantee: 7 Days

Another way for you to go ahead with changing your IP address is the use of proxies. They are absolutely free and they offer instant feedback.  On the other hand, though, they are most likely cramped with annoying ads and they are not to be trusted for long. You need to change the proxies you use, as soon as they expire. For an up-to-date list of valid proxies, you can visit HideMyAss VPN.

Use VPN to Unblock PGA Tour Golf outside the USA

The top option in unblocking PGA Tour Golf outside US and stream the wonderful matches is by far the VPN. It works really well by selecting a VPN server from the network that can cover your needs at a time. For example, if you want to unblock a US based channel, you need a US IP address. You connect to a US server and here you go! Not only that, but the VPN also helps you encrypt your traffic and hence keep all dangers away from you.

If you think like that and you want to move forward with a VPN subscription, you can check out the reviews and info available on this website or you can simply read through the top 3 list with VPNs most suitable for unblocking and streaming PGA Tour Golf:

Get it for free: If you are less than a month outside the United States, choose a VPN with 30 days money back guarantee like Express VPN. If you dont need the VPN after your trip abroad, just cancel it and get your money back.

  • Company Location: British Virgin Islands
  • IPs: 15,000+
  • Countries: 94
  • Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days
  • Company Location: Romania
  • IPs: 3000+
  • Countries: 60+
  • Money Back Guarantee: 45 Days
  • Company Location: Panama
  • IPs: 5,000+
  • Countries: 61+
  • Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

On this website you can read more about how to unblock with VPN. And if you don’t know at all what to use on which device, SmartDNS or VPN, check this page.

PGA Tour Golf

PGA Tour is behind all the tours in professional golf, where golfers from the United States and North America compete for the win. It was founded back in 1929, boasting a rich history filled with glory and great memories. There are six tours held on an annual basis, each of them with amazing attendance. This highlights the love for professional golf and for awesome spectacles. The race to the top is always thrilling and the key to victory is yet to be found. Who will prevail? Who will win the tour and who will be praised for great sportsmanship, athletic spirit and talent?

As you have seen yourself, there are many channels out there broadcasting PGA Tour Golf. Have your pick and start exploring the stunning world of golf, where tradition is blended with modernity in the best manner possible. Go ahead with selecting which method to use for unblocking PGA Tour internationally and enjoy!

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